Some Suggested Ground Rules for Discussing the Establishment of a A SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN ENGINEERS

Suggest We Agree That:

  1. We consider a Society that will embrace engineering practitioners who are Christians in any venue they find themselves - industry, public and Christian academic settings, in engineering or engineering technology activities, and the like.
  2. We will, in our beginning efforts, establish committees to consider various aspects of such a Society. These will be initially staffed by attendees at the 1996 Christian Engineering Conference at Messiah College with each committee augmented by at least one practitioner recruited from a public academic setting and at least one recruited from a non-academic setting bearing in mind that these sorts of practitioners are already on some committees.
  3. Focus in this organization will be on leavening and integrating; not on elitism and separation.
  4. Five Committees will be involved considering the following issues:

    a. Vision statement, mission/purpose, and name.

    b. Organization and structure.

    c. Membership, legal matters, and fund raising.

    d. Communication matters; Publications, data base, computer web status and involvement.

    e. Programs and Liaison

  5. Suggest that we avoid labeling ourselves as the CHRISTIAN Engineering Society and use an alternative such as The Society of Christian Engineers or The Fellowship of Christian Engineers.
  6. Target initial reporting date: November 1, 1996

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This page was last updated on 31 Oct 1996.