Christians in Engineering & Technology
Oct 2008

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Following Christ 2008

InterVarsity's conference for graduate students, faculty, and professionals, which will take place December 27 - 31, 2008 in Chicago. The list of outstanding plenary speakers, worship leaders, and track presenters, including Anne C. Bailey, Carmen Acevedo Butcher, Francis Collins, Ken Elzinga, MaryKate Morse, Brian Moss, Mark Noll, Jeff Van Duzer, and N. T. Wright will join us in exploring how we might contribute to human flourishing, our conference theme, by living and working with integrity in our chosen fields. Please visit the conference website, , which has an abundance of detailed, up-to-the-minute information about the entire event.

CEEC2009 Call for Papers

The Christian Engineering Education Conference (CEEC) is moving to odd years. The next conference will be held on the campus of Baylor University on June 17-19, 2009 (immediately following ASEE in Austin). The deadline to submit abstracts is December 31. For more information, see the CEEC webpage .

We are looking for more members of the steering committee. Please contact Steve VanderLeest if you are willing to help.

Carolina Ethanol Partnership (CEP)

I'm Kevin Gardner, a believer from South Carolina who has recently created a company called Carolina Ethanol Partnership (CEP). CEP is a company that hopes to be involved in alternative energy production, specifically cellulose ethanol. Cellulose ethanol is a type of fuel made from biomass sources that can be used in cars as a substitute for gasoline. CEP has been created with the purpose to glorify God. The vision for the CEP is that we would make money to give it away. We want to engage in the business world to create a profit, then, take that money and donate it to the work God is doing around the world. Our hope is that we'll be successful as a company and grow fairly large so that one day we'll have the resources as a company to help extensively. Right now, I'm looking for people to join CEP who can help with the start-up process. Specifically, I am looking for those with backgrounds in engineering and business. A team of engineers, (a chemical, mechanical, and industrial engineer) would help with designing a demonstration facility and any testing needed. I wanted to contact you to see if you have any contacts of people with engineering backgrounds who may be interested in a venture like this. The Body of Christ is very rich and diverse with people from all backgrounds, so I trust there are people out there who can help contribute. This is by no means an exclusive idea, and there are thousands of ways people with engineering and business backgrounds can use their skills to glorify the Lord. But, I believe this is a good idea that is worth pursuing. I trust that if this is something the Lord wants, He'll provide for it. I'm trying to spread the word about CEP to see what sort of response there is, there's no obligation at this point. There are two links below, one to a video describing the vision for CEP, the other to the company website. If you have any ideas of people who may be interested, please forward these links to them or let me know.



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