Christians in Engineering & Technology
May 2008

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Bottom-up Approaches to Global Poverty

Appropriate Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Church

Second Annual Baylor Symposium on Faith and CultureThursday, October 23-Saturday, October 25, 2008. The way that Christians respond to those most in need is a sign of God's presence. But the mission of the church does not move in one direction-from West to East, first to third world, or affluence to poverty. Nor is it controlled from a central location or organization. Located in every province of every country, the church is situated to react to the needs of the poor in an especially powerful way-from the bottom up. For more information, see

ASA Conference

63rd Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation with
Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation "The Heart of Science: Do Right, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly" at George Fox University on August 1-4, 2008. See for more details.

Musicians needed for CEEC2008 in Pittsburgh

If you play an instrument and will be attending the Christian Engineering Education Conference on June 25-27, 2008 at Geneva College, please consider accompanying our worship time. We are looking for guitarists. Dave Shaw will loan you one of his guitars, which include a 6 string acoustic (with K&K pickup) - Washburn Cumberland jumbo, a 12 string acoustic - Sigma (when still built in Japan), and a Electric - Pro-tone Strat. Dave will play bass (or you can play bass and he'll play guitar). Dave can also obtain a djembe and a set of congas if you'd be willing to add some percussin. We would also love other instruments, like flute, violin, oboe, or anything that would work along with piano and guitar. Contact Steve VanderLeest,, and indicate how you could help.

Jobs for Christian Engineers

Christian engineers looking for jobs and employers seeking to hire Christian engineers may be interested in the Christian Engineering Jobs site.

Christian Fraternity at University of Michigan

If you are male planning on attending the University of Michigan, but need a place to live, please consider, Phi Alpha Kappa, a fraternity of young Christian men who desire to truly walk with God while still being a part of the close community in a fraternity. The house is clean, quiet, very inexpensive and conveniently located adjacent to both the central campus and the medical campus, with easy transportation to the north campus. If interested contact or go online at



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