History of the Christian Engineering Society (CES) and Affiliation of Christian Engineers (ACE)

In 1996, at the Christian Engineering Education Conference held at Messiah College, a group of Christian engineering educators began work on forming an association of Christian Engineers. A steering committee and several working groups were created to explore the various issues related to creating such an organization. This web page presents information on those efforts, which unfortunately were not completed (due to lack of interest, lack of time, etc.).

Two activities continue out of that original work: an email listserv and a biannual conference.



Steering Committee

The steering committee as well as the working groups were established at the 2nd Christian Engineering Educators Conference held at Messiah College in June 1996. A tentative working session was held during the ASEE meeting June 1997.  Although it was considered, a proposal to the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) to form an affiliation with them called the Affiliation of Christian Engineers (ACE) was not implemented due to lack of interest. 

Working Groups

Each working group was assigned specific areas to explore related to establishment of a Christian Engineering Society. These working groups are no longer active.


Define the vision, mission, and purpose of the society. Determine the best name. Look at charter and mission statement of other Christian professional societies and associations.

Charlie Adams Dordt College
Phil Bruce USAF, retired
Joe Carson Engineering Consultant
Paulo Ribeiro Babcock & Wilcox
Jon Soper Michigan Technological University
Tom Walker Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Tom Weber Lowrance Electronics
Tim Whitmoyer Messiah College
Larry Zavodney (chair) Cedarville College


Define the organization and structure of the society

Charlie Adams (chair) Dordt College
Randy Brouwer Calvin College
Paulo Ribeiro Babcock & Wilcox
Wafeek Wahby Calvin College


Find best ways to gain members, establish clerical/accounting system, determine legal issues in establishing a non-profit profession society, begin the fund raising process.

Jim Bosscher Calvin College
Bill Frix John Brown University
Steve VanderLeest (chair) Calvin College
Matthew Kuperus Heun NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Explore means of communication between members. Determine and fill publicity needs.

Joe Carson Engineering Consultant
Bill Frix (chair) John Brown University
Dave Jesurun GE-Lighting
Steve VanderLeest Calvin College
Tim Whitmoyer Messiah College
Ruth Miller Kansas State University

Program Activities

Develop program (conferences, workshops, publications?, etc.)

Jim Bosscher (chair) Calvin College
Dave Jesurun GE-Lighting
Murat Tanyel Dordt College
Wafeek Wahby Calvin College

ASA Liason

Coordinate relationship with ASA, including proposal for formation of the ACE affiliation.

Joe Carson Engineering Consultant
Ruth Miller (chair) Kansas State University
Steve VanderLeest Calvin College


Please direct all inquiries to the coordinating secretary, Steve VanderLeest.

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