Christian Engineering Education Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 23-25, 2004

Panel Discussion: Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries

Panelists: Frank T. Duda Jr., Matthew Green, Margaret Pinnell, Jim Farison

Involvement in creating appropriate technology for developing countries offers a unique opportunity for engineering programs to integrate faith and learning in the preparation of their students to go out and serve God by serving their fellow human beings, especially those most in need of assistance (Matthew 25: 31-40).
This panel discussion will focus on the various components of a successful appropriate technology project including (1) identifying a high leverage problem to tackle; (2) performing a needs assessment with the assistance of a cultural anthropologist (if possible); (3) securing the necessary financial resources to do the project; (4) deploying the appropriate technology as widely as possible using market driven or social entrepreneurship; and (5) evaluating the outcome.
The possibilities of networking with missions organizations and Christian development organizations to identify worthwhile projects and to deploy them through the local Christian community will also be considered.

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