Christian Engineering Education Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 23-25, 2004

Integrating Christian Faith with Academic Administration

Otto J. Helweg
College of Engineering and Architecture
North Dakota State University

Not only in the “public square” but especially in secular colleges and universities, evangelical Christians have tended to surrender leadership to those promoting the prevailing cultural norms. The general rule is that the higher one ascends in any administration, the greater coverage and influence he or she may exert. Consequently, Christian faculty who have talents in administration and leadership should prayerfully consider an academic career in which they aspire to positions of chair, dean, vice president, and even president. This paper first defines some of the administrative posts available, evaluates why a Christian professor might seek them, and how one might go about climbing the administrative ladder. In doing this the paper suggests some of the opportunities that await Christian administrators, especially in secular institutions of higher education but also some of the pitfalls and challenges, with an emphasis on one’s Christian commitment.

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