Christian Engineering Education Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 23-25, 2004

Electronic Portfolio for Assessment of Engineering

Dr. Dominic M. Halsmer, PE, Chair
Engineering and Physics Department
Oral Roberts University

In an effort to continuously improve the quality of education in the general engineering program at Oral Roberts University, a new tool known as Electronic Portfolio or e-Portfolio has been implemented as the primary data-gathering instrument for assessment. Students periodically submit exhibits to the portfolio as evidence that educational objectives are being met. Not only does this provide good information for program improvement, but it also allows the students to see more clearly how their lives are being transformed. This is highly motivating for both students and faculty, and it also helps to streamline the ongoing assessment process. Oral Roberts University is a Christ-centered institution. As such, educational objectives include the ability to practice biblical principles of stewardship. Special exhibits are proposed to assess the attainment of these educational objectives.

Students take a more active role in helping to assess their education by electronically submitting evaluations, coursework, test scores, and survey results at the entry, intermediate, and capstone levels. These exhibits are carefully selected to demonstrate satisfaction of the program educational objectives, which are derived from departmental and university mission statements, and ABET evaluation criteria. A professional level may also be added to facilitate the gathering of information from alumni, employers, and graduate school advisors. Data is then aggregated, disaggregated, and evaluated to assist in making program improvements. The e-Portfolio effectively serves as an individualized web site for each student. Multiple e-Portfolios may be developed by each student for different purposes. A growth portfolio highlights improvements in student’s knowledge and abilities. A portfolio developed for a prospective employer or graduate school highlights the student’s best work. Faculty may also customize e-Portfolios to meet their individual needs. University-wide implementation issues are discussed including the necessary training for students to use the software effectively, and advisor responsibilities.

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