Christian Engineering Education Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 23-25, 2004

Responding to Academic Culture: From Research Focused to Teaching Focused Culture

Israel Dunmade
Applied Industrial Ecology Program
Faculty of Science & Technology
Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB., Canada

Moving from an institution to another, particular from university to college and vice versa in entirely difference geographical location and culture, as an academician may be rocky, painful and challenging. This could be due to differences in philosophies, policies, and practices. What are the potential problems? What are the surviving strategies? How can it affect faith, relationships and academic reputation? How can mistakes be avoided? What can be done to make such changes pleasant and fulfilling?
In this paper, transitional experience of moving from university to college as an environmental/mechanical engineering teacher in an entirely different setting is shared. It highlights a number of difficulties experienced, strategies adopted and lessons learnt. In totality, the experience shows that absolute reliance on Christ for direction at all times is the main ingredient for success of a Christian and the solution to problems. Furthermore, the paper advocates being an example of believers by following in the steps of the master teacher (Jesus) and trusting Him for His promises, because faithful is He that promised for He will perform it.

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