Christian Engineering Education Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 23-25, 2004

Integration of Faith and Learning throughout an Electrical Engineering Curriculum via the Mission Statement

Anthony Donaldson
Seattle Pacific University

Currently, the SPU Electrical Engineering mission statement is: “Preparing engineers with a Christian worldview who are called to serve, equipped to lead, and sent to engage the world through their lives and the appropriate use of technology.” This paper will discuss various aspects of how this mission statement has been integrated and adapted into the curriculum. Specifically, the statement is reflected in actual structure/assignments within the engineering program. Christian worldview and its impact on us as engineers forms a basis for discussion starting the freshman year and continues throughout all four years. In Introduction to Engineering in the freshman year we discuss of a portion of the worldview of Jesus as found in his parable of the “weeds in the field” in Matthew 13 in addition to reading and reflecting on the definition and factors affecting our worldview as found in Charles Kraft’s “Christianity with Power”. The sophomore year focuses on being a servant with reading of the book “Improving Your Serve” by Charles Swindoll and opportunities and requirements for various service projects. The junior year builds on this foundation for leadership with additional papers and readings discussed in small groups on leadership, listening, emotional intelligence using Level five leadership by Jim Collins, Contrarians Guide to Leadership by Steven Sample, Understanding People by Larry Crabb, and additional materials. In addition teams of engineering students meet with teams of business students throughout the year to work on project management skills, ethics and working in teams. Students are prepared for their junior internship by reading and discussing the book Engineering Your Future, writing their resume and preparing for a job interview. Their junior summer they are required to participate in a supervised internship with a company, academic research group or other appropriate learning experience and to follow up that experience with reflection. During the senior the focus is on engaging the world with readings, discussions and papers on being winsome for Christ in the workplace, lifelong learning and impacting your world. Details on how all of this is integrated into existing and new curriculum is discussed.

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