Christian Engineering Society

The Christian Engineering Society is a loose-knit group of individuals interested in the relationship of Christianity and engineering. We have no formal organization, but do maintain a few activities (linked below). Christian Engineers are engineers who are also Christians. Our faith helps inform the choices we make as engineers, particularly questions related to purpose and priorities. We find God's calling in our lives in all its aspects, personal and professional. We are interested in applying Biblical principles such as justice and stewardship to our professional lives and to the design of technology. God's special concern for the poor and disadvantaged touches our hearts so that we look for opportunities to use our skills as engineers in ways that builds God's Kingdom. However, Christian engineering is not just about technology for the poor. We see all technological development as part of our stewardship and unfolding of the creation, a powerful tool that we must take care to use appropriately.

The listservs distribute to all CES members as well as the Christian Engineers and Scientists in Technology (CEST) affiliation within the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA). A short history of CES is avalable.

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