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Academics - Civil & Environmental Engineering

Team Equatic Ecuador,Corinne Kluge, Joel Voogt, Mike Spee, and Jeff Guerrero; designed a water system for Cajabamba, Ecuador as part of their senior design project. During interim, the team took a site visit to Cajabamba.


A concentration in civil and environmental engineering includes courses in structures, hydraulics, environmental engineering, soil mechanics, and traffic systems.

Students apply engineering and science fundamentals to provide large-scale "public works" solutions and programs for complex systems in the following arenas: structures, transportation, geotechnical, environmental, and water resources.

Students and alumni are serving the public in:

  • governmental agencies or consulting firms solving real problems
  • laboratories and in-the-field, understanding how a system works and verifying conditions necessary for construction.
  • designing large-scale projects that benefit society
  • managing an engineering design team or task

Program Overview

Freshman & Sophomore Year

Your first two years include introductory engineering, physics, chemistry, math, and humanities courses. The engineering courses will introduce you to the different concentrations, and, along with your other classes, you will build the foundation for the advanced courses. At the end of your second year, you will select civil engineering as your concentration. Many of the courses in the first two years include lab work and explore real engineering principles. We don't just stand on theory however! We make use of service-learning projects — you dive into real-world problems for real people right away.

Junior & Senior Year

You've picked civil engineering, and now you build some advanced engineering expertise. You will take civil engineering classes that cover topics in water resources, structures, environmental engineering, soils, and transportation. Dedicated design courses are available in hydraulics, structures, and environmental engineering. In addition to this, you will continue with your liberal arts core.

Senior Project

Your senior year will include a capstone design course in which you work with a team of students to complete a design project effectively integrating much of your college education.

Summer Internships

We work to place students in a variety of internships at local and international companies to gain practical work experience.

More Information

Civil & Environmental Model Program (.pdf)