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Students gain first hand experience inside and outside the classroom. Holding a wide-open fire hose quickly illustrates the principles of thermal-fluid science while laboratory experiments reinforce classroom lectures.

Educating Christian Engineers

Using science and technology creatively to serve society points to the moral responsibility of the engineer. Christian engineers must use their God-given resources responsibly. They must also know the society in which they live and work so that their solutions to its problems will be appropriate and truly beneficial. Calvin’s engineering program takes this mandate to be creative and responsible technologists seriously. Christian engineers aspire to be sensitive, involved, and effective citizens of God’s world. To blend these qualities with technical skills, engineering students at Calvin also study literature, philosophy, religion, and history — studies that foster a Christ-centered vision of life, a vision relevant and appropriate for Christian engineers.

Your Engineering Degree

The engineering program provides you with a bachelor of science in engineering (BSE) in one of four programmed concentrations. This program is designed to equip students for graduate study, entry-level positions in industry, and life long learning.

At Calvin, engineering students begin to acquire experience in solving design problems by taking a design course in their first semester, which includes a real design project working with real customers. Additional experience is gained through assigned design problems in several regular courses and in the senior capstone design project course. Each year, student teams design and construct projects that represent their solutions to real technical problems. Their work is presented to practicing engineers who can give them valuable criticism and with whom students can exchange ideas. All engineering courses at Calvin aim to cultivate attitudes such as objectivity, sensitivity, and lively curiosity — all of which are essential to successful designing.

Outside of regular course work, engineering students benefit from involvement in student engineering societies. These societies introduce students to the work of various engineers by means of films, lectures, field trips, contests, and mentoring programs.

International Designation

Students may receive an international designation to their concentration (e.g., "BSE International Mechanical Concentration") by completing two of the following four items:

  1. Complete an international engineering interim course.
  2. Receive credit for an international internship and demonstrate some ability to speak the language of their internship country.
  3. Receive credit for an international engineering summer program.

Other procedures and activities may qualify for the international designation. For additional details, please contact the department chair or the department internship coordinator.

Engineering Minor

At Calvin, students may minor rather than major in engineering by taking six classes including one of two 100-level courses, at least two of three 200-level courses and at least two 300-level courses from a selected list. For more information on an engineering minor, see the Engineering section of the College Catalog or direct your questions toward the Engineering Dept. Chair.

*Note: Pre-requisites may be required for some of the course options in the Engineering Minor.

Other Common Minors

Calvin Engineering Students often combine their Engineering major with a minor from another area of study. Some examples of potential minors include business, math, foreign language, and other areas of science such as geology, chemistry, and physics. While a minor fills up an engineer's schedule, it is possible to earn a minor and a major and still finish in four years. AP credit earned in high school is very helpful towards earning a minor. Consult the College Catalog for information on various areas of study and potential minors or contact the chair of the specific department for information on their minors.

Undecided between Engineering and Physics?

If you are undecided between Engineering and Physics, click here to check out all of the options available.