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About Us - Mission & Service

Calvin Engineering Students are very involved in service to the community from their first class in Engr. 101 to their final Senior Design project. These service opportunities can take on many different forms for the students while they attend Calvin, and the students often enjoy doing service projects for third world countries and the community in which they live.

Engr. 101 Projects

Every year, Engr. 101 students create small design projects in conjunction with Hope Network, Goodwill Industries, Christian Learning Center Network, and Calvin's Ready for Life program, to aid in the work of handicapped persons at these organizations. These projects immerse the students in the design process and give them an idea of what engineering is, while allowing the students to work for the community around them. Find out more about Engr. 101 and their projects.

This past fall, some of the Engr. 101 projects included a device to turn on a computer, a new bike cart hitch system, and a shower mirror system. All of these projects incorporated engineering design issues, as they had to design and make a product to fit a specific client while staying within a certain budget. They also had to complete these projects within a time frame while deciding between a variety of options that they had to come up with.

Senior Design

Calvin's Engineering Senior Design teams often create projects with service in mind. The projects are specifically tailored to a certain community in need. There are usually one third to half of the teams each year which are involved in some kind of third world humanitarian service related projects. Find out more about senior design and all the projects.

Find specific third world humanitarian Senior Design projects.


Here at Calvin, we have some off campus interims that focus on service in the community to which students travel. The off campus interim to Cambodia is one in which engineering students participate which focuses on service. This past interim, the Biology department went with the Engineering Department on this interim. To read more about this interim trip, visit the group's web log. We also have an interim class which goes to South Africa. For more information about this trip, visit the web log from January 2007. Find out more about specific interim classes.

Summer Internships

Often, our students become involved in summer opportunities in which they are serving the community. These can be through Engineering Ministries International, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, Engineers Without Borders, and others. Also, students sometimes get internships where they work on service projects. Pictured at right is Sara Evans ('09) who worked at Aktiv Dry, working to develop an inhalable, aerosol measles vaccine. Read the full story.


Calvin and the specifically the Engineering Department award scholarships each year to students who demonstrate service to the community. These include the Paul W. Newhof Memorial Scholarship (Engineering Scholarship), the Spalink Memorial Missions Scholarship (Calvin Scholarship), and the Charles and Anna Wabeke Memorial Scholarship (Calvin Scholarship). View the complete list of Engineering Scholarships and their details. Find more information about the non-Engineering scholarships.

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