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About Us - Is Engineering For You?

Calvin Engineering emphasizes a mathematical and scientific approach to designing projects using new technology to solve real world problems while integrating a Christian perspective.

Is Engineering at Calvin for you?

Are you curious about how things work? Do you like to “take things apart” in your mind or on a workbench?  Are you interested in how math and science principles get applied to real problems?  Does new technology get you excited?  Do you like to think about how the wonders of God’s creation can be used appropriately to serve humans and build God's kingdom?  Engineers love to investigate how the world around us works and can be used to improve peoples’ lives.

Through a variety of experiences in the classroom, at the lab bench, by a computer, in a company, and overseas, Calvin Engineering students are prepared for a variety of career paths in the engineering profession.  The principles, concepts, and theories that engineers use in their work are founded on math and science.  Engineers add to this foundation engineering design principles, care of the environment, safety, and economics to produce the goods, systems, and infrastructure needed for the betterment of society.  Engineers are called by God to work in a variety of disciplines or specialty areas like Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, to name a few areas.  An engineer might be responsible for the design of a new building, the proper execution of embedded software, the optimized operation of a chemical plant, or the design of an energy efficient vehicle.  Some engineers work in the lab on advanced research, some design using up-to-date CAD software, many work in multi-disciplinary teams to bring a new product to the market, some teach and mentor the next generation of engineers, and all have great satisfaction from making a positive difference in the lives of the people around them.  Engineers are called by God to use their gifts to make improvements in God’s kingdom.

Engineering vs. Physics

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