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Experiential Learning - International Opportunities

Calvin Students have many opportunities to travel abroad during their time at Calvin. Pictured here is a class in China during interim with Prof. April Si (Engr. Dept. Faculty) annd Prof. Leonard Van Drunen (Business Dept. Faculty) .

International Designation

Students may receive an international designation to their concentration (e.g., "BSE International Mechanical Concentration") by completing any two of the following four items:

  1. An international engineering interim course. There are four to choose from.
  2. An international internship and demonstrating some ability to speak the language of their internship country.
  3. The Engineering summer program in Germany.
  4. The semester program in The Netherlands.

Other procedures and activities may qualify for the international designation. For additional details, please contact the department chair or the department Internship Coordinator, Prof. Ned Nielsen.

Studies in The Netherlands – a new off-campus semester

The program will be offered at the Free University of Amsterdam. Students will take a new Calvin taught course called Toward Environmental Sustainability in the Netherlands: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Practices. Students will also take science and humanities courses taught in English at the Free University. For engineering students, the program is designed to be taken in the second year. Click the link above for more information.

January Term (Interim) Abroad

There are many opportunities for students to travel overseas during interims while at Calvin. These opportunities are cost effective as well, because there are scholarships available to students wishing to participate in these trips. Each year there are about 2-4 off campus classes led by engineering professors. In addition, many classes led by non-engineering professors take students off campus. Click here for more information.

Summer Program in Germany

Calvin's Engineering Department has a summer program in Germany in which engineering students travel with a Calvin engineering professor to Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, the Calvin professor teaches Engr. 202 at the Technical University of Berlin. The students also take a course entitled German Language and Culture from an instructor a the Technical University of Berlin. These classes are taught four days a week, providing opportunities for three-day weekends to visit companies and travel in Europe. For more information go to the following link.

Summer International Internships

Calvin's Engineering Program also has an international internship program in which we place students in a number of international settings. Student placements are made via relationships between the engineering department and executives of foreign companies. These reciprocal relationships bring foreign students for internships in West Michigan as well. Foreign internships can be life changing experiences, and they provide very valuable work experience for both Calvin's students and foreign students. Click the link above for more information.


The Engineering Department offers scholarships to aid students in their desired international opportunities. The scholarships can be used to help with the summer program in Germany or for an interim class. These scholarships include the Bosscher Family Interim Scholarship and the Charles and Kay Spoelhof Engineering Scholarship. View a complete list of scholarships for details.

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