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The Class of 2013 - These 65 students completed Senior Design. Most are already working in the engineering field, and have earned their Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) degree.

Profile of the Class of 2013

Total number of May graduates: 55 (64 anticipated* by May 2014)
  • 6 students are enrolled in graduate school in engineering and1 student has been called to attend Seminary
  • 29 had full-time job offers in Engineering prior to graduation (60%)
Concentration Breakdown
  • Chemical Engineering: 8 (11 anticipated*)
  • Civil & Environment Engineering: 17 (20 anticipated*)
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering: 11 (12 anticipated*)
  • Mechanical Engineering: 19 (21 anticipated*)
Other Graduation Statistics
  • 85% of the students graduated in 4 years
  • 3% were transfer students
  • Average salary offered: 57,000 - 61,000 (estimated from student self-reports)
  • 90% of the students who completed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) passed it.
  • 11% of the students went directly to full time graduate school. 100% of these students received fellowships and assistantships to pay their way.

    * anticipated number includes the 15% that graduate in 4.5 to 5 years

Graduate Schools Where 2013 Calvin Engineering Graduates were Accepted:
    Colorado State University
    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
    Purdue University
    Michigan State University
    Michigan Technology Univeristy
    University of Colorado - Boulder
    University of Illinois - Urbana
    University of Michigan
    University of Minnesota
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Pittsburgh
    Univeristy of Texas A & M
    University of Texas - Austin
    Virginia Technology
Job Placement Statistics for Calvin Engineering Graduates (five-year average):
  • 88% had a job offer in engineering within 6 months of graduation**
  • 61% had a job offer in engineering before graduation**

    ** statistics apply to those students who were seeking engineering employment

    In recent years, companies that have offered employment to Calvin engineering graduates include:
    ADVICS North America (MI)
    Aurora North America (MI)
    Apex Controls (MI)
    Bech tel (PA)
    Belcon Engineering (MI)
    Best Metal Prodcuts (MI)
    Boeing - Seattle (WA)
    Braun Intertek (WI)
    Brawn Mixer (MI)
    Burke Porter Machinery (MI)
    Citgo (TX)
    Cargill (NE)
    DC Cook Nuclear Power Plant (MI)
    Dematic (MI)
    DornerWorks, Ltd (MI)
    Egemin Automation (MI)
    Elara Engineering (IL)
    Extol (MI)
    Gentex (MI)
    Hall and Associates (OH)
    Herman Miller (MI)
    Highlight (MI)
    Honda R & D (OH)
    Innotec (MI)
    IBM (NY)
    Johnson Controls (MI)
    JR Automation (MI)
    Leland Internation (MI)
    MGA Research MI)
    M.I. Swaco-Schulmberger (TX)
    Nederveld and Associates (MI)
    Northrop Grumman (CA)
    Paradigm Design (MI)
    Performance Software (MI)
    Prein & Newhof (MI)
    Progressive Surface (MI)
    Rapidline (MI)
    Raytheon (AZ)
    Shape Corporation (MI)
    Siemens Oil and Gas
    Spirit Aerosystems (KS)
    STS (MI)
    Stryker Medical (MI)
    Texas Instruments (TX)
    Tennant Corporation (MI)
    URS (MI)
    V3 Companies (IL)
    Westinghouse (PA)