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Service-Learning Approaches to International Humanitarian Design
Projects: A Model Based on Experiences of Faith-Based Institutions


Recent curriculum advancements in engineering education highlight the value of a healthy synergy from including applied mathematics and science, industrial work, and need-based projects. In light of the growing interest in globalizing engineering education, a service-learning approach to globally-based humanitarian projects is an effective approach to help in achieving this balance. The importance of integrating both globalization and social needs into the engineering curriculum is acknowledged by the ABET criteria. Human need is also a clear priority of engineering as a profession and of major world religions. It is not surprising, therefore, that faith-based institutions place a high value on such projects. This paper presents the methods and conclusions of design projects from four faith-based institutions that exemplify the successful integration of both globalization and humanitarian interests. The presentation focus is a model for conducting such projects. Particular results, within the context of these projects, include specific characteristics and insights for designing, selecting, and executing international humanitarian design projects within the undergraduate engineering curriculum.

Matthew G. Green, Kristen L. Wood, Frank T. Duda, Nolan Van Gaalen, Carl Erikson, and Steven H. VanderLeest, “Service-Learning Approaches to International Humanitarian Design Projects: A Model Based on Experiences of Faith-Based Institutions,” Proceedings of the 2004 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, June, 2004.

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