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Alison's letter Part II:

[Editor's (Len's) notes: This is from an email from Alison and with email comes bad sentance structure etc.....]


Here is the second half of the story of our “amazing adventure in the Grand Canyon.”

We called my Grandpa to fly in to help us drive home all right. So he came and the next morning we got our camper hooked up and started on our way. We started to drive, and soon the “check engine light” came on in the dashboard. So we thought oh great just what we needed. Then we lost the power in our van and we pulled off the road and checked things out. When we started again and the light went off, so we drove for a few more minutes before the van died again, but we eventually made it to a Ford dealership store 3 miles down the road. They said they could check the van out for us, so we went into the air conditioned lobby and watched TV while the checked it out. The fuel pump ended up being broken and rusted, and since they live way out there and don’t know how to deal with rust, so we needed more parts and all that jazz and we had to wait until Monday to have it fixed. The guys from the store [Editor's note:dealership] drove us to a nearby hotel where we could stay until Monday.

The bad/good part was that Grandpa and my dad had forgotten to take my clothes and bathing suit out of the van, and there was a nearby Wal-Mart in walking distance where my mom let me buy clothes and a bathing suit for the weekend. We spent the weekend swimming and laying around doing virtually nothing, especially on Father’s day. On Monday I didn’t feel very good, but we had to wait in the lobby until around 4:30 for the van to be fixed. Well I guess sitting there didn’t make my stomach happier, because as soon as my dad called to say they would be done in a half hour, I puked buckets full all over the nice lobby floor, then soon after in the bathroom toilet, then in the van a few times on the way home. When we started driving that night we drove until 1 in the morning, then my Grandpa slept until 3:30, and then we went again. I wasn’t to keen on that because I was sick, but I was happy with whatever worked to get us home sooner.

The next day we slept in a hotel and went out to a Denny’s in walking distance. Then we all crashed and got going again the next morning. We were traveling fine and I was feeling a little better and actually I slept through this whole thing, but we blew a tire on our camper. So we had to stop and put the spare on, and then pull into a shop and get another tire and stuff, but I was sleeping through all of that. [Editor's note:actually we blew the tire the day before - after driving 21 hours]

All in all we made it home, tired and sore, but we did make it all in one piece. We are enjoying the meals that people bring over to us and are thankful for the many prayers and cards that have been sent. Thanks again! – Alison De Rooy

We spent some time this past week at Ann's parents house with all the cousins. Jake had a lot of fun in the canoe...
Michael and I went fishing and found this dragon fly stuck doing the backstroke in the water. We scooped it up and let it dry off. Just as we started to take pictures of it, it flew away.
Here is a picture of the xray of my wrist. -Top view

Here is a picture of the xray of my wrist - Side view

There are 4 screws in the vertical section (into the main bone) and three pins and one screw in the horizontal section at the top of the bone.