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Group Objective

Energy is the driving force of the universe.
From the smallest bacteria to the largest ecosystem, everything on planet earth uses energy. There is a delicate balance of this energy from one source to another, reduction of entropy to production of more energy, we are all connected. Humans' voracious appetite for energy has driven us deep and wide in search of energy to fuel our cars, light our streets, and heat our homes.

earth and sun

God has provided earth with a vast and endless supply of energy. The sun's rays strike the earth in a single day with enough intensity to fuel all of our energy needs for the next 180 years. This is 15,000 times the energy than all 6.3 billion people use per day. Our current primary source for energy is carbon from plants and animals that harvested solar energy millions of years ago. In a single day, humans use the carbon from oil and coal that took nature 500,000 days to produce. Clearly, we will run out of a source that is consumed 500,000 times faster than it can be replaced.

The Renewable Energy Organization is a student-lead group that is devoted to increasing awareness about energy that is clean, renewable, and sustainable. Producing renewable sources of energy is an issue that will be very important in our lifetimes and in hundreds of years to come.

    REO Initiatives:

  • Increase awareness of alternative energy
  • Hold discussions and lectures about clean energy
  • Support increasing efficiency of energy usage
  • Seek funding and help with alternative energy projects
  • Garnish community support and response
  • Prepare students to develop solutions for future generations

If you have ideas, or want to join in, please let us know!