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The Turbine

The Wind Turbine that we installed for our Wind Energy Demonstration Project is a Skystream 3.7 manufactured by Southwest Windpower.

You can see a gallery of images from the lift day.

This turbine was selected due to it's relative size and efficiency. The Skystream is produced with a built-in inverter which reduces the sound impact, as well eliminates the need for a gearbox, which in most turbines will wear down over time and need to be replaced. Southwest Windpower offers an educational discount on the Skystream 3.7, which was also a determining factor.

  • UL Certified (US & Canada)
  • 1.8 Kilowatt power output
  • 50-325 RPM Operating Velocity
  • Gearless Permanent magnet brushless alternator
  • 240VAC Output Voltage
  • 170 lbs. / 77 kg
  • Cut in Speed: 8mph
  • Optimal wind speed: 20mph
  • Blade diameter: 12ft
  • No Gear Box
  • Built-in Inverter
Performance Curve for Skystream 3.7

Readying the turbine for testing

Standing back and admiring

The turbine with blades attached.