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Foundation and Structure

lattice tower
Lattice Tower

A Monopole Construction was chosen as opposed to Guyed or Lattice in order to reduce the total footpront of the project, as well as reduce environmental reprocussions. The Monopole is also smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.

guyed tower
Guyed Tower

The Height requirements mandate that the turbine be approximately 20 ft above the tree line, and that the site have a 250 ft radius of clearance around it. The total height of the demonstration tower is 33.5 feet. The foundation on the site had to be constructed to account for very high winds during storms and to accommodate for the vibration of the operating tower.

The tower foundation design was supplied by the turbine manufacturer, and was edited by Engineering Professor Leonard DeRooy. The foundation and structure was built by Calvin College's Enginnering Department and Physical Plant.

foundation anchor bolts
preparing the anchor bolts

pouring foundation concrete
Pouring the foundation for the tower

finishing foundation concrete
preparing the foundation