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Calvin Wind Turbine Demonstration Project

The Wind Turbine Project is aimed at researching and providing resources for wind-generation to Calvin Students and the community. Throughout the project the goal is to make a "Significant Impact" on Calvin's campus using wind energy.

Turbine Installation at Calvin

Funded in part by a grant from the State of Michigan, the focus is to gain understanding and data for future projects, and provide resources for students in learning more about clean, renewable energy, and how to promote alternative energy resources.

The project is not only to construct the 1.8kw turbine, but to plan for a future installation of a larger wind turbine in the range of 330-800kw.

  Energy Office of Michigan

The Governor of Michigan has called for a minimum of 10% of energy to be derived from renewable resources by 2015. This wind energy demonstration project will help to provide data for furthering this goal.