Jet Blade PPFS and Calculations


The PPFS is the Preliminary Project Feasibility Study. This report details the research and design of the Jet Blade. The goal of the PPFS is to determine the feasibility of the final project. The full version of the PPFS can be found in the link provided on the Documents page.

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Design Report

The design report is a detailed report that covers the project from initial concept to final prototype.

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Business Model

A business model was written to outline the current market of personal watercraft and what it would take for full scale production of the Jet Blade to begin.


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About Us

The team consists of Josh Vanderbyl, Nico Ourensma, Ryan DeMeester and Zak DeVries. Each member of the team is part of the mechanical concentration of the engineering program at Calvin College. The team shares great interest in the outdoors and water activities. Our passions collided with our skills when the Jet Blade project was established.


Recent Activities

Jet Blade Test 1
April 18th

Donated Aluminum for Hull
Special Thanks to Harbor Steel

Body Panels Laser Cut
Special Thanks to Laser Unlimited


Jet Blade

The Jet Blade is a single rider personal watercraft that is stable yet agile. The Jet Blade will incorporate a three-ski design that utilizes two skis in the front of the craft and one ski in the rear. These skis are located in spaced relation below an aluminum hull and operate to hydrodynamically lift the Jet Blade to a cruise position by relative water flow upon the undersides of the skis.

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