5/13/2014: Check out our video of the spotlight tracking in the dark!


5/12/2014: The team would like to thank all those who came to the Senior Design Open House and saw our system running.  The sun gave the tracking system a few “additional beacons” (most theaters don’t have windows), but in all the demo went as desired with the light tracking the beacon throughout our area.  Here is a link to a Slideshow of our final system and our Final Presentation.  If you desire to find out more about the system you can read our Final Report.


4/9/2014: The lighting and actuation assemblies are nearing completeion and have been merged into the one final unit. We were also able to populate and test our final beacon printed circuit board and 3D print out light collimator.

3D Printed Light Collimator


Actuation and Lighting Hardware


Pan System


Tilt System


Final Beacon Prototype


3/14/2014: The Graphical User Interface development is comming allong. See the screenshot below of our initial interface.

3/12/2014: Our third presentation slides are now posted. Check out our progress HERE.

3/10/2014: We did our initial tests on our high-power LED and cooling system. Check out the video below. The LED is rated at 6000 Lumens and 80W compared to 2 Lumens and 25mW for a typical indicator LED. You will have to take our word for it that the video does not quite do the power of this light justice.

2/10/2014: Detecting IR beacon using normalized circular cross-correlation. Each pixel is compared to the expected signal at various time delays to determine if it belongs to the IR beacon.


1/21/2014: Work continues into Interim. The mechanical design of the pointing system is now complete and parts will be ordered soon.

A rendering of the current actuation system design. Two drive belts will link the motors to the moving componenets.

1/21/2014: We were able to control the BLDC motor we found using a controller sampled from Texas Instruments and an Arduino running PID code based on the sensed position of the motor. Check out the video of our tests below.


11/12/2013: The project is moving along well. We are busy looking for parts and trying out some tracking prototypes. Check out the video from our first tracking experiments below. The blinking red light is the beacon (near ir beacon is coming soon) and the blue dot is the position as estimated by the tracking algorithm. Note that right now it is quite sensitive to other lights in the room. Future frequency filtering and background subtraction should greatly decrease this issue. 


10/23/2013: The website is up and running. We made our first verbal presentation last Friday. The Documents section contains a link to the presentation slides. Check back here to see our progress as we work towards presenting a finished project in May.