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CLEAR H2O will create a water filter component that will enable
current point-of-use (POU) filters to remove arsenic and effectively
communicate filter exhaustion.


There are many developing countries that do not possess the financial stability to provide their citizens with safe drinking water. POU water filters help these people filter their own water in a fast, efficient manner. However, current POU filters do not sufficiently filter inorganic material, particularly arsenic. The presence of arsenic poses health threats to many regions and eliminating this contaminant through the usage of a POU filter would provide a way for many individuals to obtain safe drinking water.


CLEAR H2O will perform extensive research on arsenic, particularly its reactions with water under different conditions. In addition, a list of pre-existing media types will be developed and then narrowed down to final media types. These media types will then be batch and column tested to determine their respective filtration characteristics and using those characteristics, find the most effective solution. After the final media has been selected, a prototype to be used in conjunction with the Sawyer® PointOne hollow membrane filter will be created. After prototype creation, additional testing will be performed to ensure compatibility with the existing filter and also the effectiveness of the filter to communicate exhaustion.


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