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Project Conclusions

Clear H2O has created a filter that will enable the user to remove arsenic from an appreciable quantity of water.
The filter has a flow rate of approximately 13L/hr and can provide over 80L/day of pure, arsenic free water. The final prototype
implements AquaBind SP-70 as the filtration agent and Timetrip® technology for the media exhaustion indicator. Prior to
implementation in developing countries, additional tests should be conducted to determine the impact of other factors
such as the presence of other ions, and differing arsenic concentrations on the removal effectiveness of the media.

Final Media Selected:
AquaBind SP-70

Exhaustion Indication Method:

Final Prototype

Design Implications:

Drinking water needs for a family of four - 12 L/day

Designed capacity - 80 L/day for >5 months



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