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Who is CLEAR H2O?

Clear H2O is a team of four senior college engineering students with a focus in civil and environmental engineering. The members
of this senior design team have a broad range of experience, but are all competent motivated individuals striving to produce a point-of-use
filter attachment that will remove arsenic from water and affect justice and stewardship throughout the Earth.

See below for a list of the members comprising CLEAR H2O and a brief description of the men
who dedicated their time and effort towards the completion of this project.


Grant Mathews

Production Manager

Grant Mathews was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He is studying civil and environmental engineering and has a broad range of interests within the field, including: hydrology, water resources, site development, and groundwater remediation. In his free time, Grant enjoys being outside, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Grant has thoroughly enjoyed going to school in Grand Rapids and loves spending time on the West Side where he attends Servant’s Community Church. In October, he will be marrying his wonderful fiance, Blair, and he has accepted a civil engineering position at Triad Engineering in Anchorage.

Jeshua Short

Lab Manager
Client Relations Manager

Jeshua (Jesse) Short is from Cambridge, Ontario however he has spent the majority of his life as a missionary kid living in Thailand and Vietnam. Jeshua is passionate about water resources and is studying civil/environmental engineering in hopes of managing water development projects in South-East Asia and incorporating ministry into his future engineering work. Jeshua tries to stay active and has participated in intramural soccer and volleyball teams, lived in Calvin’s intentional living community - project neighborhood - for a year, and is on the Calvin College ASCE Chapter leadership.
 Steve Taplin

Team Editor
Steven Taplin was born and raised in Lawton, Michigan, a little podunk town in Southwest Michigan. Steven thoroughly enjoys sports (“Go Pack Go!”), spending time with his beautiful wife, and of course grabbing a beer or two with good friends. Steven is studying to become a civil and environmental engineer and is passionate about hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, particularly storm water management.
 Lucas Timmer

Project Manager
Lucas Timmer was born and raised in Zeeland, Michigan, and he “feels the Zeel” for his hometown. Lucas is studying engineering in the hopes of becoming a hydraulic or environmental engineer that specializes in municipal or groundwater work. Besides engineering, Lucas is also passionate about road cycling, frisbee, hiking, watching his Detroit Lions and Tigers, and visiting national parks.


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