High-Efficiency Small Scale Gasifier

Producing home power from biomass

Problem Statement:

Team BIOburners will design, build, test, and optimize a biomass gasifier by May 2014. This gasifier will produce synthesis gas capable of providing 4 to 6 kilowatts of power and will operate with low levels of tar production (<100 mg tar per cubic meter synthesis gas), high thermal efficiency, and high biomass conversion. It will also operate with a variety of feedstocks and will be easy to operate. Finally, the biomass gasifier will meet safety standards to ensure customer trust and will provide a clean energy alternative to promote good stewardship.

Current Status

  1. Preliminaries and Research - 90% complete
  2. Design - 90% complete
  3. Documentation - 60% complete
  4. Construction - 95% complete
  5. The Gasifier is running!


Important Documents

Our Preliminary Project Feasibility Study