Problem Definition and Solution

World Renew is trying to convince farmers in Cambodia to use legume to fertilize the soil before or after rice planting. Current ways of planting the legumes involve farmers bending down, digging a hole and dropping the seed in the soil. The team seeks to mechanize and speed up the planting process. A piece of farming equipment will be contrived, which can be used by one person to plant beans in a field. The planting consists of a two-step process: digging a small hole and inserting beans.


October 31, 2013

First Prototype Building and Testing for Prove of Concept

Welding in process prototype building prototype building
Figure 1. Welding in process Figure 2. Welding in process Figure 3. Welding in process
Prototype Testing Prototype Testing  
Figure 4. Prototype testing and prove of concept Figure 5. Prototype testing and prove of concept  


February 17, 2014

Figure 1. Clearing the snow Figure 2. Testing the auger
Figure 3. Testing the Auger Figure 4. Result of augering
Figure 5. Result of augering  

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Video 1. Auger Test


March 7, 2014

Proof of Concept. The machine body was built in cardboard for dimensioning and further tweaking for egonomic purposes.

Figure 1. Cardboard Frame Figure 2. Cardboard Frame with auger


March 17, 2014

Machine frame building.

Figure 1. Frame being built Figure 2. Grinding away extra material after welding
Figure 3. More material grinding on one section of the frame  


April 4, 2014

Proof of concept and machine frame building

Figure 1. Mock up of the treadle design in the making Figure 2. Its a space ship! Figure 3. Frame building and proof of concept of treadle design


April 25, 2014

Figure 1. Auger axel parts Figure 2. Auger axel assembled


May 10, 2014

Figure 1. Final product Figure 2. Left side view of final product
Figure 3. Back view of final product