Team 16: Cambodian Field of Dreams


The focus of this project is to mechanize and speed up the legume planting process that will be introduced by World Renew to small communities of Cambodian farmers and thereby help convince the farmers to use legume to fertilize the soil before or after rice planting. To mechanize and speed up the planting process, a piece of farming equipment will be contrived, which can be used by one person to plant beans in a field. The planting consists of a two-step process: dig a small hole, insert beans.

Client and Partnering Organization

World Renew

The project was proposed by World Renew, a relief and development organization of the Christian Reform Church. The organization responds to the needs of people around the world who are suffering from poverty, hunger, disaster and injustice. The mission of this organization is to engage God's people in redeeming resources and developing gifts in collaborative activities of love, mercy, justice, and compassion.