Team 12

Project Updates

31 March 2014

Orders have been placed for a set of wheels and metal for the frame. Model updates continue as the design is refined.

24 March 2014

Spring Break has begun. During the break, the team will continue model development to prepare for construction.

19 March 2014

Last night, the team met with Ren a second time. Construction plans were discussed, and Ren strongly supported the possibility of constructing the initial prototype at Rapid-Line.

7 March 2014

Our third verbal presentation was given today. To view the slides, please visit out resources page.

4 February 2014

The team met with industrial consultant Ren Tubergen. As a result, the project goals have been more clearly defined, and the project Gantt chart has been extensively developed.

9 December 2013

The final PPFS has been submitted as of today.