Team 12

Project Updates

8 May 2014

Final Prototype

Final prototype has been finished! Several test runs have been completed, and the team is ready and excited to present the project on Saturday.

6 May 2014

Our upholstered throne

Finally our sliding seat mechanism has arrived. We spent a long evening upholstering the seat and sewing the seat back, but it was well worth it. The cart is now usable, albiet not safe. Brakes and the harness must still be installed.

5 May 2014

Finished collapsing mechanism

The collapsing linkage was cut and installed on the cart today. This linkage will allow the user to fold the handlebars down in order to transport or store the cart more easily.

2 May 2014

Team 12 gave the final verbal presentation to the Engineering 340 class today. The slides to our presentation are available on our resources page. Our next presentation will be at Senior Design Night on May 10!

25 April 2014

Testing the front wheel for flutter prevention

The Calvin Engineering Advisory Council review of our project was today. The panel of reviewers gave the team a lot of valuable feedback. Specific items of concern were the possibility of front wheel flutter and roll-over prevention. Front wheel flutter has been found to occur at jogging or running speeds, and the team is doing some tests to determine a solution.

24 April 2014

Third FEA model

Finite Element Analysis continued to give us trouble, so here is our third iteration. As the mesh is further refined, the results approach our expectations based on beam stress calculations.

18 April 2014

Fabric Testing

The seat back fabric has arrived, and as it feels thinner than expected, some strength testing is in order to ensure it will not fail. The 1.5-inch strip ended up breaking at around 80 pounds-force, well within the strength requirements.

16 April 2014

Quick-change wheel, axle, and frame segment

The team has started manufacturing parts for the rear axle. Adapters were machined and threaded in order to utilize regular bicycle wheels in the design.

31 March 2014

Orders have been placed for a set of wheels and metal for the frame. Model updates continue as the design is refined.

24 March 2014

Spring Break has begun. During the break, the team will continue model development to prepare for construction.

19 March 2014

Last night, the team met with Ren a second time. Construction plans were discussed, and Ren strongly supported the possibility of constructing the initial prototype at Rapid-Line.

7 March 2014

Our third verbal presentation was given today. To view the slides, please visit our resources page.

4 February 2014

The team met with industrial consultant Ren Tubergen. As a result, the project goals have been more clearly defined, and the project Gantt chart has been extensively developed.

9 December 2013

The final PPFS has been submitted as of today.