The Team

      Team 11 is made up of four members, all of whom are studying engineering at Calvin College with concentrations in computer/electrical engineering. From left to right, the team members pictured above are Matt Block, Mark Willard, Kristen Herder, and Eric Bouwkamp.
      The team members have experience working with one another in their junior year engineering projects. Mark and Matt teamed up to create a programmable RFID card reading system allowing designated people access to specific tools. Eric and Kristen worked together to create an Arduino-controlled coffee pot whose basic functions could be set and enabled via Twitter.
      The project has 4 main components each of which is being led by a different team member. Eric is heading up the Data storage and central Hub design, Kristen is in charge of the Laser Gun device, Mark is creating the vest and sensor gear, and Matt is developing the mobile app and user interface. Team Lazer-Ops plans to build the system incrementally. First, we will establish a working system meeting the team's predetermined basic requirements. From there, we plan to implement as many advanced game play options as time permits in order to really differentiate our system from those currently available.