Objectives and Requirements

Project Objectives

  1. The device automatically tunes a bass guitar within the just-noticeable difference.
  2. Note: The just-noticeable difference is explained on the Concepts page.

  3. Optimize tuning process to be completed in 15 seconds or less.
  4. Fully integrate design into a bass guitar.
  5. Allow for the user to specify custom tuning presets.

Physical Requirements

The following criteria are considered physical requirements for system design:

  1. The added weight to the guitar caused by the integrated system shall be less than 0.66 lbs, (or 5% of standalone guitar weight).
  2. The system shall allow for the user to also manually adjust tuning.
  3. The rechargeable system battery shall be accessible by screwdriver.
  4. The combined footprint of the tuning knob motors shall not prohibit the guitar from fitting into a standard case.
  5. The system shall be durable enough to sustain the occurrence of minor damages from everyday use.
  6. The system shall operate in an optimal state between 40° F and 100° F.

Electrical Requirements

The following criteria are considered electrical requirements for system design:

  1. The system shall have sufficient battery power to tune the guitar 50 times on a single charge.
  2. The system shall include short circuit protection for safety measures.
  3. The battery shall be charged from a 120V wall adapter.

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