The Tune Squad is:

Sam Baas

Chris Diemer

I am an ECE from Sioux Center, IA. I grew up in Grand Rapids, but moved away when I was in 8th grade. I have always enjoyed electronics and also have an interest in music. After college I hope to find a job that gives me a sense of purpose and joy, and I am considering going to grad school for an MBA. I am relying on the Lord to reveal what he has in store for me on a day by day basis.

I am an ECE at Calvin college all the way from my home town in Tampa, Florida. Electronics and music have been an interest of mine my entire life and this project appeases both of those interests. I hope to find a job where I can make my passions into a career in the same way.

Ben Tanis

Cheyn Rushing

I am an ECE from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I have always enjoyed tinkering with things, especially electronics. I spent most of my childhood taking different objects apart to see what was inside, only to find that I could not put them back together correctly. Once I am done at Calvin, I hope to take what I have learned here and apply it to making things for other equally curious people to take apart and put back together.

I have lived in West Michigan for most of my life; I hope to continue working in the West Michigan area after graduation. I have had an interest in electronics since I was a lad, and I felt God lead me to pursue electrical engineering. I am excited to combine one of my favorite hobbies (bass guitar) with electrical engineering. I am currently working as a controls engineer, and will be married in August of this year.

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