Project Overview

The Wyoming Clean Water Plant (CWP) has requested that Whey to React perform a feasibility study and preliminary design for a whey fermenter to be integrated into their current water treatment system. The fermenter will provide an ideal place for fermenting the whey from Country Fresh, producing volatile fatty acids (VFAs), which will increase the stability of the biological phosphorus removal (Bio-P) process.  In addition to designing a fermenter, the team will connect said fermenter into the treatment system, and determine the best method for transporting the whey throughout its entire process, from its storage at Country Fresh to its introduction into the CWP’s system.


Process Flow Diagram of System Components


Whey to React has completed the feasibility study and is currently gathering materials for a bench scale fermentation experiment. The bench scale experiment is projected to be finished within the next month, and the data will be used to finalize the proposed fermenter design, which is currently being designed using data from previous similar experiments.  In addition to the experiment, the team is presently creating drawings and performing calculations on the piping and pumping aspects of the fermenter system.