Our team is partnering with an international organization called HCJB Global (  HCJB is a global missions organization that works with healthcare provision as well as multimedia ministry.  They operate on almost every continent with a strong base in Ecuador in Latin America.  HCJB has been very active in Ecuador with both their radio ministry and healthcare response.  Especially from an engineering standpoint, HCJB has worked on many projects, from clean drinking water to treating wastewater.  Students from Calvin College have partnered with HCJB often in the past to provide clean water needs to various villages or organizations in Ecuador and around the world.  One of our team members worked for HCJB in an intern position and already had connections with the organization and a few engineering contacts before we started the design project.      

HCJB is a great organization to work with and has provided us with resources and information as well as lodging and transportation while in Ecuador.