What we did.

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What We Planned to Do.

We will be traveling to Carabuela in January.  In Carabuela we will be gathering data on the existing conditions in a few different ways.

  • Collect quality of effluent in the collection system.
  • Evaluate the collection system pipes.
  • Collect locations of current collection system.
  • Evaluate location for current treatment facility.
  • Evaluate possible new locations for treatment facility.
  • Evaluate peculation rates of soils
  • Collect topographic point of influent of potential collection system.

These will determine if the existing collection system can be used in our design and fit the actual conditions of the village to our design physically. Another portion of our trip will be meeting the people that will be influenced by our project. We want this project to be appropriate for the village and not change their culture but join with them in taking care of the environment.






We Hiked up a mountian in Quito

The Excisting septic tank. It is currently not in use

A near birds eye view of Carabuela from a nearby mountian that we hiked up.

Spring Entrapment

On the Last day we climbed to 15,100 ft.

All pictures taken by team members.