What To Do With Number Two.


The focus of this project is to provide sanitary wastewater management for the small village of Carabuela, Ecuador. This will be done by designing a wastewater collection and treatment system for the village. Tailoring the design to meet the specific needs of the village will be done by working closely with the global mission organization HCJB and the community of Carabuela.

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  • Ian Compton
  • Adam DeYoung
  • Josh Scheenstra
  • Nate Williams


Ian Compton-


"I am currently a senior pursuing an Engineering degree at Calvin College with a concentration in Civil / Environmental. I worked with HCJB and their community development team in Quito last summer. I had the opportunity to work on a project for Carabuela's water distribution system and look forward to working with HCJB and the people of Carabuela over the course of the year. Carabuela is ready and eager to improve the sanitation and health of their community. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing a career in water resource engineering."



Phone: 518-301-0557



Adam DeYoung-


"I am a driven individual that has been blessed with the opportunity to work on this project. Providing for the basic need of those around the globe is one of the reasons I have pursued Engineering as a major but more importantly a career. God has blessed me with a drive to become the best I can be no matter the job, career or project. I hope to work in industry in this coming year to help a company while bettering my knowledge of the world around us and how we influence it."



Adam DeYoung


Josh Scheenstra-


"I am a senior engineering student with a concentration in Civil Engineering at Calvin College. I was born and raised in Kenya where my family serves as missionaries to an unreached people group. I am very excited to be working on this project in Ecuador because I have long desired to use the knowledge I have learned in college to help people overseas. This is an exciting opportunity to use my God given abilities to further God’s kingdom. My goal in life is to glorify my Lord and Savior and to spread the good news of the Gospel, and I hope this project does both."


Phone: (818) 653-113

Josh Scheenstra

Nathan Williams-


"I am a Civil/Environmental concentration Engineering major at Calvin College expecting to graduate in May 2013 with a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering. I am excited to work in Ecuador on this project as well as work with a wastewater system. Working with wastewater is an exciting part of the field of civil engineering that I am just discovering. Working with HCJB in Ecuador also helps fuel my passion for working with impoverished people internationally. I look forward to working on this project along with the rest of Team 7 in helping with Cleaning up Carabuela."


Phone: (517) 375-3733

Nate Williams


Carabuela is a village of about 500 homes in the Andes Mountains located along the Pan-American Highway. Carabuela currently has a wastewater system that is desperately in need of renovations. Carabuela’s existing wastewater collection system only collects from 300 homes, is in an unknown condition, and discharges into a nearby stream instead of a treatment facility.

HCJB and Vozandes Community Development recently renovated the clean water system of Carabuela and continue to work with the village and its water supply.

The climate in Carabuela is semi-arid due to its elevation which can make water availability in the dry season difficult, especially for irrigation.  This project includes a feasibility study of using the treated wastewater effluent for irrigation purposes.

This is our first view of Carabuela as we drove in.