Through the course of the project, Team iBrew would like to keep friends, family, and other supporting individuals updated of our progress. Please check as often as you can.


8 May 2013: Presentation of Results to Harmony Brewery

Today, Barry VanDyke of Harmony Brewery joined us to see a final presentation of our results. Our chemistry advisors, Professor Benson and Professor Sinniah, also joined us for the presentation. In Barry's own words:

Had a great time working with Alissa, Nolan, and Lota on their senior engineering project for Calvin College! They collected data from our fermenters all year, and worked toward creating a system for the capture, purification, and compression of CO2 off gassing from our fermentation process. I was very impressed with their presentation, and technical acuity. Their models are a great step forward in designing an economically viable system to lessen the CO2 footprint of small and medium sized breweries. Nice work!
Thanks, Barry!

4 May 2013: Senior Design Day

We appreciate the support of our family an friends thorugh out the duration of the project. The Senior design Day was quite busy for Team iBREW because in addition to the regular acivities of the day, we also had our faculty review. This review only help strenghthen our belief in our design as we got positive feedback. For all those who could not make it to our station in the engineering building you missed out on some quality root beer. Team ibrew has in the uploaded a copy of our final design report for the public and can be found in the download tab.

Below are photos from the open house portion of the day.






20 March 2013:

Stage one the overall brewery simulation done... now on to optimization! We’re working with a program about four versions behind the most current, so while it could be a hassle, we thank God all the same


8 February 2013:


The picture above is one of the analytical pipe used by the Team iBREW in its experimentation Phase.


Setting gas collection scheme at the brewery from Lota Onwumelu on Youtube.