Team Members

Nolan Worstell
Nolan Worstell is a senior chemical engineering and ACS chemistry double major. He has wide ranging experience in fields extending from the petroleum industry to the biochemistry of rice and almost all areas in between. When he is not working hard on plant processes and reactors or the latest chemistry improvements, he enjoys cogitating on the newest computer parts that may or may not go into the most recent computer build as well as serving as the advisor to Delta Enterprise Network’s CEO Jim Worstell on projects relating to renewable energy and market strategies. What he brings to the team is a mix of fierce optimism and can do it attitude tempered with a seasoned outlook on Informational Technology issues and project management and a nigh on child-like enthusiasm and exuberance for taking on challenges and embracing opprotunities.

Alissa Jones
Alissa is a senior Chemical engineering student.Alissa worked as an Analytical Chemist Intern at LECO Corporation, gaining experience in development of technologies and methods for testing analytic instruments. Alissa also enjoys traveling and collecting Harry Potter books in the languages of the countries she visits.

Lota Onwumelu
Lota is a senior chemical engineering student from Nigeria. He relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan to pursue his education at Calvin. His studies have given him the ability to do basic design in heat exchange, reactors, separations, and fluid flow. These abilities have been proven in several iterations of ethylene oxide design project. His studies in the area of chemistry and biochemistry have also given him an understanding for chemical systems and principles. His eagerness to see things accomplished allows him to help the team in moving forward while still giving details the attention they require. He also has extensive experience with metal and woodworking