PRoblem Definition

The goal of the project is to develop a process for converting cellulosic material into a usable fuel source. We plan to design a method for converting material that is not a food source into something that can be used to provide energy on a large scale. In today’s society, which is becoming ever-more reliant on the petroleum industry, research into alternative options is becoming a greater priority every day. With increasing petroleum prices as well as limited natural resources, the need for an alternate solution is paramount.


.A chemical process that converts Miscanthus Giganteus into gasoline blending components by catalytic conversion of synthesis gas. This process was designed with commercial scale operation in mind. Each stage of equipment was designed and optimized in UNISIM design software or Polymath differential equation solver and scaled .


This process designed for the conversion of Miscanthus Giganteus consists of six main stages:

1. Solid feed-handling system: MxG is harvested, crushed and transported to on site storage. When needed it is fed into stage 2 by an auger screw feeding system

2. Gasification unit: MxG pellets are gasified into synthesis gas (syngas), a mixture of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and water

3. H2S removal Unit: Sulfur and other impurities are removed from the syngas mixture

4. Methanol Production Reactor: Syngas is reacted over a catalyst to form methanol

5. Methanol to Gasoline Reactor: Methanol is converted into a mixture of gasoline blending components

6. Final separation unit: Desired fuel components are separated from light gases and water