Project Background


Treadstone set out to create a new generation of all-terrain utility vehicles. While snowmobiles and ATV's are limited to seasonal operation, the team wanted to create an all-year vehicle that could rival the performance and usability of both snowmobiles and ATV's. With this in mind, the team developed The Treadnought. With a dual tread, differential steering setup, the Treadnought is the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. It's wide base and low center of gravity gives it a more stable and safe ride while a padded seat provides added comfort.



As you continue to explore this website, you will be introduced to each member of Treadstone as well as learn and understand what role each of them played into the design, analysis, and creation of the Treadnought. Pictures and videos are available for viewing, as well as links to the team's PPFS and final design report. Enjoy.