teamFrom left to right: Meng Chen, Jacob VandeHaar, Nathan Konyndyk, Scott Kamp

The Team

Meng Chen is an international student from China. He is a competition-driven and motivated engineer, who has great passion for system design and research activities. He values ambition, diligence and persistence in his work. Aside from engineering work, he has great interests in economics, astrophysics, psychology, soft management theory, free diving, sensational music, and anything that is fast and furious. He desires to see and experience many extraordinary sceneries and activities before the age of 35. He believes having a goal is essential in life and hopes to experience as much of the wonderful world and magnificent nature as possible.
Meng handled most of the CAD design and computer simulation.

Scott Kamp has been a hands-on enthusiast from a very young age. Starting with Legos and a few simple tools, he has been taking things apart and building small electromechanical projects since his fingers worked. He really feels that mechanical engineering aligns with his passions. He has spent the past two summers working in low volume custom manufacturing, and during his junior year he worked in high volume manufacturing. He is looking forward to joining the workforce and hopefully ending up somewhere exotic, such as Alaska or overseas. In his free time he enjoys camping, woodcarving, satirical writing, a variety of sports, and learning his guitar.
Scott lead the fabrication section of the project.

Nate Konyndyk is currently working part time at Best Metal Products where he has been an intern for over a year. He has always had an interest in designing cars and is very excited to help design a new suspension system for a vehicle. Nate enjoys sports, hanging out with friends, camping, fishing, and traveling the world. Upon graduating, Nate plans to work at an engineering company in the Greater Grand Rapids area.
Nate is in charge of the team finances and coordinating budget decisions.

Jacob VandeHaar has held two internships, one doing academic research and one manufacturing in West Michigan. He enjoys fixing cameras, browsing Wikipedia, and trying to keep his car operable. He also enjoys traveling, reading, making and viewing art, and various other non-discipline activities. Jacob plans to find an entry-level engineering job. Jacob was one of the designers, our quality control expert, and our even-keeled organizer