Rapid Deceleration Warning

The first function will be a system which flashes (or pulses) the brake lights of the vehicle if the vehicle is deceleration of the vehicle is above a certain rate. This will hopefully decrease rear-end collisions by quickly giving the driver behind a signal that the vehicle ahead of them is braking fast.

Speed Limit Indicator

The second function will be a system which finds the speed limit of the road the vehicle is currently on and display that information on the speedometer. This will hopefully decrease speeding by giving the driver both their speed and the legal limit in the same place.

Driver Awareness Sensor

The third function will be a system which monitors whether the driver of the vehicle is falling asleep. If the system determines that the driver is in fact falling asleep, a warning will be issued to wake up the driver and recommend that they get off the road.

The common goal of each function is to increase automotive safety by specifically addressing the problem of driver distraction.

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