Jon Nieboer, Mike Capozzoli, Mitch Fynaardt, Jeff Kloosterman


The world is progressing toward accessible robotics platforms that are quickly becoming smarter and better at unlocking areas of the world that were once inaccessible to the average person. One such example is the increasingly popular quadcopter platform. This device allows the user to explore the skies with ease and is inexpensive. We seek to push this age of exploration underwater.

Our project, SWIM-R, fills the void in accessible, affordable aquatic exploration. Additionally, it has application in the fields of Biology and Geology by enabling the user to take data on aquatic ecosystems. Further, SWIM-R can be used by marina to inspect the underside of large boats to minimize the need to dry-dock.


Our Solution: SWIM-R

  • Submersable
  • Wireless-Controlled
  • Investigative
  • Marine
  • Robot
  • Our final design report can be found here.