Dan Van Slooten

Dan Van Slooten grew up in Holland, Michigan and graduated from Holland Christian High School. He is majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Civil/Environmental. He likes to do things, like most people. After graduation he will have to make a decision on his future.

Reid Veenstra

Upon failing to reach his childhood dream of being a super hero, Reid M. Veenstra enrolled in the Calvin College Engineering program in the Fall of 2008. He is currently part of the Civil/Environmental concentration, works in the Spoelhof Fieldhouse, coaches a 7/8th grade lacrosse team, and plays for Calvin's Club Lacrosse team.

Elliot Spronk

Elliot hails from the small farming community of Edgerton, Minnesota. An Engineering major with a concentration in Civil/Environmental, he hopes to pursue a career in architecture after Calvin. He enjoys cooking, canoeing, cycling and design codes.

Mark Kiemel

Mark grew up in Colorado Springs before attending Calvin College to major in Engineering with a concentration in Civil/Environmental. After graduation he hopes to work in the civil engineering field or attend graduate school. When he is not studying he is either working for the family garbage company in Colorado Springs or cycling around town on his bike.