Ben Beezhold

Ben is ecstatic about the upcoming challenges in designing a vehicle to compete with other large, engineering schools. While his engineering passion lies within aerospace, this design project provides a quintessential combination of aerodynamics, structures, and practical shop engineering. Returning to Grand Rapids after a summer internship at Boeing in Long Beach, CA, Ben hopes to apply the skills he attained with regards to group organization, leadership, and structural analysis. His efforts on this project will be directed towards developing and analyzing the aerodynamic model and the designing of the vehicle frame structure.

Jon Hofman

Jon is excited about the manifold engineering aspects of constructing a motor vehicle as well as the chance to participate in an international competition. As a two-year intern with Innotec in Zeeland, MI, Jon has been intimately involved with the design, fabrication, and optimization of machines. Combining skills from the machine design classroom and the shop floor, Jon will be a part of the Engine Improvement sub-group and the Optimization/Gearing/Transmission sub-group.  He will also lead the team in pursuit of outside sponsors and donations.

David Kaemingk

David has long been interested in structural bodies in dynamic machines and energy conservation. He has a passion for using technology to aid in sustainable practices. He has background in structural and mechanical engineering, experience in FEA and 3D-CAD modeling, and the desire to research engine optimization. For these reasons David will be primarily working with the Frame/Materials and Engine Improvements subgroups. David will also take a lead role in group communication and coordination.

Will Vanden Bos

Will is extremely excited to be working on a team developing a more fuel-efficient vehicle. He is passionate about sustainable energy practices, especially with regard to the automotive industry. Will has extensive CATIA experience in addition to industry experience working with and testing machinery. Because of this, he will be working mainly with the Frame/Materials and Optimizing /Gearing/Transmission groups. Will also plans to take a lead role in research and communicating findings to the rest of the group.

Jacob Vriesema

Jake has long been interested in fuel efficiency. Writing papers throughout high school and college on this and similar topics has gained him a well-rounded overview of the current technologies that exist as well as the current design barriers preventing further research. Jacob has been a part of many hands-on building projects and knows how to use many tools efficiently and to the best of their capabilities. He also is very organized and wishes to keep all members up to date with all changes pertaining to the documentation and design of the vehicle. Jacob will work primarily with the Aerodynamics/Body and the Frame/Materials sub-groups as well as take a lead role in project documentation.

9 May 2012.