Water From Air

  • Packed Tower
  • Big PictureOur workstation.
  • Workstation1
  • Chris WeldChris welding the frame.
  • Ryan WeldRyan welding the frame.
  • BlowerThe blower to be installed to the system.
  • MotorThe motor for brine circulation throughout the system.
  • Cooling CoilsThe copper tubing for condensation of evaporated water.
  • Circuit BoardA circuit board Ben is currently working on to display temperature and humidity.

Team 5: Water from Air

Availability of clean drinking water is a major concern for humans both in the present and looking forward into the future. Our goal is to address this problem by tapping into the ambient humidity. A secondary goal is to utilize renewable energy sources in order to create a single device, independent from the traditional power grid.


Team Members (from left to right): Eric Van Kooten (ME), Ryan Van Beek (ME), Chris Shepperly (ME), Ben Niewenhuis (ECE)