Meet the Untouchables team!

Ben Lubbers

I am a senior electrical and computer engineering student at Calvin College and am a member of the Untouchables design team. I have had two previous internships that have given me tools that I can use in creating and designing this project. I have interned at D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant and TRW Automotive the last two summers. At Cook Nuclear I worked on a modification project to the plant that required the powering of a crane from a nearby power source. It gave me good insight into what needs to be considered when powering certain tools and components. Some of these are breakers, wire mapping, and phase coordination. At TRW Automotive I did testing of software and learned how to locate and debug failures and unexpected results. I hope to use both of these experiences in helping me create this 2 project. My role reflects my previous experience by allowing me to be in charge of powering the entire system and help others by testing their components.

Ed Smilde

I am a senior engineering major with an electrical and computer concentration at Calvin College and member of the Untouchables design team. I am most interested in object-oriented programming and applied mathematics, the main experiences I will bring to the team. My role in the making of the touch table will be handling the image processing, which will involve algorithms using some numerical analysis of differential equations programmed in C++. I will be focused on the software on the machine, such as the operating system and drivers for the cameras and touch screen, and writing some useful libraries and demo applications to help showcase the power and usability of the device.

Nick Truer

I am a senior engineering student with an electrical and computer concentration at Calvin College and a member of The Untouchables. I hope to bring my experience interning at both Twisthink and DornerWorks to help manage and lead our team through the project. At DornerWorks I was responsible for my own tasks on a project and I had customers that expected results by a certain timeframe and so I have experience working with a schedule and can make sure that The Untouchables will stay on task. I will be doing a lot of the overall concept design and work to schedule tasks and divide them up amongst the team. My current role in the project is defining the optical design requirements and how we will meet these as a team. I began by researching various alternatives that can be used to produce our touch screen and then selected the appropriate one for our project. I will be continuing with the optical design through building and testing our touch screen and optics.

Michael Williams

I am a senior engineering student with a concentration in electrical and computer engineering, and as a member of the Untouchables I would bring to the table interest and enthusiasm for designing the hardware of our touch table. My role in the team is to develop the core hardware system that will be running the touch system apparatus. After having built a computer as a hobby, developing this system will provide me with a plethora of learning opportunities to further understand the computing infrastructure.