SimEscape Project

Below are several block diagrams that detail the design work and design decisions made by the team. To understand the project in greater detail, download a PDF copy of the Final Design Report from the Documents page.


System-Level Interfaces

This diagram describes the overall architecture of SimEscape, showing how the major subsystems connect.

High Level Flowchart

Head Tracker

The simulation helmet features a head tracking system. This system has a set of gyroscopes and accelerometers to track the movement of the user.

Head Tracker



The simulation helmet interfaces with the user's personal computer in two ways: it will receive data from the head tracker, and it will transmit video to the display system.



Display System

The simulation helmet recieves a stereoscopic video signal from the personal computer's display output. This output is recieved by the display system, which seperates the video feeds into the signals that drive the twin TFT LCDs, one for each eye.


Printed Circuit Board Layout

The layout for the SimEscape printed circuit board can be seen below. For a detailed PDF, see the Documents page.